The New York Post and the Shake Shack Myth

26 08 2009

And so our adventures begin! Our flight to New York was fine, quite comfortable thanks to the exit seats and 10ft of leg room which made up for the lack of a proper honeymoon upgrade!

Once we’d landed we decided on the Long Island Railroad option into Manhattan to avoid being ripped off by cabbies like on our last visit. Pretty cool trains – I noticed you could get outside the carriage and climb onto the roof to shoot baddies just like in the movies. There were no baddies around however, plus the stifling heat and humidity had made me feel like I was about to have a nose aneurysm so I stayed indoors, standing very still directly under the Air-con for the entire journey. Lugging our bags the couple of blocks from Penn Station to our hotel was pretty hard work so I immediately started thinking of jettisoning some of the contents of my pack, either into the bin our into Zoë’s bag which somehow is several kilo’s lighter despite her bringing twice as much stuff as me!

After a good nights rest we were up early to go and meet our friends Amos, Beth and Esme who were staying near Central Park. We met them at their apartment and headed out for breakfast but as soon as we’d closed the door we realised both sets of keys were still inside! Luckily the neighbours were in doing some DIY so we explained the situation to the guy inside. He then explained he didn’t speak much English but we eventually got the number for the building owner thanks to some international sign language for ‘keys’, ‘phone’ and ‘the boss’. Made a call to the owner to arrange for the cleaner to come over in a couple of hours but when we left the building we found one of the Super Mario Brothers hosing down the pavement outside. He didn’t have keys but agreed to ‘have a go’ at the door to save us waiting and led Amos and I back upstairs for a lesson in breaking and entering. He had a good go with a couple of credit cards and then my subway card but failed miserably, which in a way was reassuring!

After the cleaning lady had come to our rescue we headed over to the park for a while and then over to the Met Museum in the afternoon for some statue action and air conditioning!

Sculpture, Met museum, New York

On Saturday we went over to the trendy Meatpacking / Art gallery district in the morning and walked up the High Line park – all very nice around the park and Chelsea Market etc.. and then took the subway down to Coney Island in the afternoon. Didn’t gamble with the rickety old rides so just took a walk along the boardwalk unsuccessfully looking for the Zoltar machine from Big. Stopped at Prospect Park in Brooklyn on the way back which is also very nice and returned to one of the restaurants we liked from our last trip – Nice place and some good food, but to be honest the main draw is the paper tablecloths and crayons on each table that keep our child-like minds entertained!

We met my Uncle Adrian on Sunday morning along with NY residents Auntie Carol and Uncle Adison who took us on a food tour of the city starting back at Chelsea market. Here we tucked into Oysters and then a whole lobster that was alive and wiggling 14 minutes previously! We ripped it to pieces and ate the flesh dipped in butter and I even had a go on Adison’s favourite – the green creamy brains! My culinary horizons are still expanding! Walked off the seafood and then back towards Koreatown for some more grub, again all very good!

Chelsea Market, New York

Once we’d said our good-byes I did a little shopping and had a run-in with a stroppy local in a camera shop who didn’t appreciate my ‘What?!! You’re joking aren’t you mate’ reaction at being told the camera battery I wanted was $90! I obviously wasn’t going to pay that – you can get 9 massive portions of cheesecake in Times Square for the same price!

Our last day was spent doing some final wandering after spending what seemed like the entire morning re-packing our bags! We’ve completely forgotten how to live out of a bag efficiently – seems to take forever to find things / pack things the moment but am sure it’ll come back to us soon enough! So on Monday we took the ferry over to Staten Island but then once there decided we couldn’t be bothered to walk up all the hills looking for a park and came back. We made our way up to Madison Square Park to try some fare from the Shake Shack – reputedly the best burger in New York!

Shake Shack, New York

A queue of around 30 people was encouraging but as alarm clock sporting nutter Flavor Flav would say – Da da Don’t believe the hype! Unfortunately there was nothing special about the burger at all and actually I’d struggle to distinguish it from some Burger King or McDonalds rubbish! However, what made up for the disappointment was the excellent ‘Concrete’ – some kind of ice-creamy whipped fudgy banana and peanut buttered cup of awesomeness that I can thoroughly recommend! My advice – Skip the burgers and the massive hot food queue and take the fast-track B-line queue straight to the counter and order a couple of Concretes. And then a couple more for pudding. Excellent!

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2 09 2009

Looks like you’ll be getting the ‘Moulam middle-aged spread’ a little earlier than most!

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